Closer To You: A Live Tribute to The Carpenters

Featuring Grammy nominated vocalist Judy Pancoast!

Saturday Febuary 16th 2013 8:00pm

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Saturday February 16th at 8:00pm Get Tickets

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$28/Preferred (Rows A-F CTR ORCH)
$23/Regular Seating
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Featuring 2011 Grammy nominated vocalist Judy Pancoast

Pancoast was just eleven years old when her older sister told her about a song she’d heard on the radio, and said that the girl singing it sounded “just like you.”  That was the summer of 1970, and when Judy finally heard “(They Long to Be) Close to You” it was the beginning of a childhood adulation that would last well into her adult years.  She spent her adolescent and teen years listening nearly non-stop to the music of the brother and sister duo who called themselves “Carpenters,” and she became one of the charter members of their fan club at age 12. 

Judy’s natural rich alto voice blended well with Karen’s, and she spent countless hours in front of a mirror with a hair brush “microphone” mimicking her idol’s voice.  Later, while a music major at the University of Maine, she was advised to “stop trying to sound like Karen Carpenter,” but although she managed finally to all but erase the traces of Karen’s styling, the influence had already had its impact.  Randy Schmidt, author of “Little Girl Blue: the Life of Karen Carpenter” says this about Judy: “…her velvety voice, phrasing and conversational delivery of a song are all products of years spent listening to the timeless recordings of the Carpenters. Her passion and joy for the material make Judy the perfect vocalist to pay tribute.”

“... Pancoast kept her audience thoroughly entertained for over two hours, reaching people on an emotional level. Pancoast didn’t settle for imitation. She channeled the essence of what The Carpenters always tried to do: show respect and warmth for the people they were singing to. And Pancoast has a voice to handle the technical challenges and emotive qualities of that music…. ”—Bill Copeland Music News

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