Mister G

A concert to celebrate the release of a new CD BUGS

Sunday July 10, 4:00PM

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Tickets: General Admission
$10/Adults, $8/Kids and Seniors

A Mister G concert is an unforgettable experience. His energetic, highly interactive live stage show features his catchy, original songs like “Sneaky Chihuahua,” “Lost Your Teeth,” “Don’t Waste Stuff,” and “Pizza for Breakfast.” The brand new CD BUGS showcases Mister G’s command of a dizzying array of musical styles, including rock, ska, bossa nova, zydeco and bluegrass. A favorite with parents as well as kids, Mister G encourages the whole family to sing and dance along with his witty lyrics and infectious melodies.

Mister G is Ben Gundersheimer, a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer who spent 20 years as a rock frontman and solo artist before transitioning to making family music. The first student to garner a songwriting scholarship to Berklee College of Music, he won 10 ASCAP awards and toured internationally before going back to school to earn a Masters degree in elementary education.
As a teaching artist, Mister G brings his innovative educational programs to schools, museums and performing arts centers. As a performing artist, Mister G has appeared with Dan Zanes and other kindie stars including Lunch Money, Brady Rymer and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. Since his 2009 release Pizza for Breakfast, Mister G has written dozens of new songs, 13 of which make their debut on BUGS.