This is Tango Now’s “Identidad”


Thurs. Jan 24, 7:30PM

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Between Identity, Willpower, and Passion:
This is Tango Now’s Identidad Renews the Tango Experience on the Stage

It is midnight outside: a magical and mystical time for hundreds of cultures past and present.  Respect, appreciation and fear for this moment infuses the bodies and minds of those brave enough to venture on it.  In Tango the midnight, its darkness, and the pulse of the city at that very moment conjures the deepest introspection, and opens up a window for change. But more than a moment in time, the midnight is a portal, it represents the end and the beginning, when and where things die, are born, and reborn, and this cycle goes on repeating itself for all eternity.

It is midnight inside: in the depths of people’s hearts and minds.  The introspective mood allows our main character, the Marionette, to realize her condition.  Devoid of freewill she suddenly grasps the distressing reality that, like most everyone around her, she has been manipulated her entire life.  On her side, the Duende, the incarnation and materialization of the midnight, the spirit of passion and change.  Against her, the Puppeteer, the manipulator, the one who won’t let her go.  What follows is a struggle for freedom, for a new identity, for willpower, and for the right to live life with the fullest of passions.

This is Tango Now’s Identidad, is the creation of three highly accomplished artists: dancers and choreographers Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo, and musician and anthropologist Alfredo Minetti.  They felt a gap in the world of tango shows as well as a need from contemporary audiences that was unfulfilled.  They decided then to go beyond the traditional tango show, creating a complete sensorial experience, using the powerful rationality and emotiveness, and the raw intensity and kinetic energy that only tango has, and created a story that resonates with any person living in the present.  In order to stage it, they decided for a tango quartet (bandoneón, violin, piano and double bass) and selected some of the greatest tangos composed and arranged by Osvaldo Pugliese and Astor Piazzolla.  They selected two more couples of dancers to share the stage with Fernanda & Guillermo, who choreographed the show with some of the best dance one will ever see. And finally, they teamed up with one of the greatest light designers in South America, Aníbal Rea, who took the challenge to add yet another incredible layer to this experience. The result is a tango experience unlike any other!

Every detail of this show has been meticulously and creatively crafted in order to create a magical and mystical experience for the senses.  Much more than performance takes place in the stage.  The trio designed the show to produce a synergy between the performers and spectators.  The nostalgia, sensuality, vulnerability, irony, and passion of tango pour out from the stage infusing every spectator.  The main goal of the performers is to touch the souls of the audiences. Through the deep melancholic passion and cathartic introspection of the tango, audiences will come to see their surroundings with the renewed spirit that the mythical midnight allows — feeling the world as a tango.

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