Total Badass (w/Bob Ray & Chad Holt)

An insanely funny new documentary about crime, sex, art, drugs, music and life in the Austin underground.

Wednesday Dec. 1, 8:00PM

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a ballsy documentary… a totally unapologetic profile of the ubiquitous Austin hero.” - Vice Magazine

Texas filmmaker Bob Ray catapults the Austin subculture onto the big screen, reveling in its inspiring, unique and deliriously offbeat glory. With his latest documentary, “Total Badass,” Bob Ray takes you on an outrageous and hilariously seedy adventure into the Austin underground music and arts scene via wild man-about-town, social deviant, musical/stunt performer, notorious sex fiend, Guinea pig enthusiast, writer-publisher, father, weed dealing felon, hip-hop impresario, trashcan jumper and local maniac Chad Holt. Exploiting life as his unwitting canvas, Chad’s take-no-prisoners artistry assaults funny bones, political correctness and common decency as he strives to leave a creative scar on the planet. Strap in for the riotous ride and follow this icon of the Austin counterculture as he blazes through his final year of felony probation, living his own brand of civil disobedience while manning the helm of a life-altering family crisis and going out smokin!

Wednesday, December 1, 8:00PM
Total Badass *with filmmakers Bob Ray and Chad Holt in attendance
** Door prizes: including copies of former High Times Magazine senior editor Steve Bloom’s new book “Reefer Movie Madness” and DVDs of Bob Ray’s first feature, Rock Opera (co-starring Chad Holt).