ANNIE - The Sing-A-Long

Come and Sing Along to Annie's adventures in finding a family that will take her.

Tues, July 25th thru Fri, July 28th

The Sing-A-Long Sensation! GREASE!

Experience the friendships, romances and adventures of a group of high school kids in the 1950s and Sing Along!

Tues, July 25th thru Fri, July 28th


The first Tibetan/Nepali film to win four Gold awards at California's International Independent Film Awards in 2017!

Saturday, July 29th at 5:45PM

Tap & Blues - Stefanie Weber & Robin O’Herin: Two White Girls & The Backbeat

The boundless landscape of the Blues through the intersection of two American art forms.

Saturday, July 29th at 7:00PM

Boston Annual Improv Tournament BAIT 2017!

The Boston Annual Improv Tournament, where the best indie improv teams in Boston vie to be crowned champions...BAIT!

Sun, July 23rd thru Sun, Aug 20th

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