D.O.A. - Boston Film Premiere!

His only lifeline is a deadline

John Doe stars as Frank Bigelow, a private detective who begins a routine assignment for a wealthy socialite only to discover that he’s been fatally poisoned; with only days to live...

Sunday, July 2 - 4:30pm

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Runtime: 1 hour 22 minutes

Post-Screening Q + A moderated by Jim Sullivan with actor John Doe, director Kurt St. Thomas, actor Tony V, and special effects wizard Jimi Simmons.


John Doe is best known as a founder of legendary L.A. punk rock band X; their latest record, ALPHABETLAND, was released in 2020 to wide acclaim. He has released nine records as a solo artist, including this year’s FABLES IN A FOREIGN LAND. He has also established a lengthy career as an actor in movies and television, appearing on the big screen in Great Balls of Fire, Road House, and Georgia, among others, and on TV series such as Roswell and Law & Order.



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Doors will open at least 30-Minutes prior to the start time.

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Requires climbing several flights of stairs.


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Frank Bigelow is a private detective hired to follow the husband of a St. Augustine socialite. It’s a routine assignment until he discovers that he’s been secretly poisoned and has only days to live. With the clock ticking, Bigelow (John Doe)descends into a world of crooks and double-dealers, treacherous women and violent men, slashing through a tangle of conspiracies to figure out who “killed” him and why. Along the way, he must also confront the toxic effects of his own isolation. Can he solve the mystery, exact his revenge, and save his own soul before time runs out?