Immediate Family

Denny Tedesco’s Follow-Up to ‘The Wrecking Crew’

Immediate Family takes up the story where “The Wrecking Crew” ended, taking a deep dive through some of the most famous and influential session musicians from the 1970s.

WED & THU | DEC 13th & 14th - 7:30pm

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About the film…

This film is a window into the lives of my musical brothers, whose gold standard is to make sure that every song they play on comes out even better than the songwriter imagined. Now they’re doing that for their own songs, and this film tells their story beautifully.- Carole King

A wonderful and fascinating encomium to the unsung heroes of the music of the 70s and so much more. I was thrilled to watch my favourite musicians (and dearest friends) celebrated for their musical brilliance, their prodigious influence and creativity - and for how much fun we all had (and, by the way, continue to have!)”. - Peter Asher

Waddy and I sometimes, I think we’re the same person, except from California and New York, because we are like two sides of a coin and that’s why we have been working together for so long I think. Because I would never want anybody else to be my musical director, or my lead guitarist, because Waddy makes me feel safe and always has in any situation, no matter how frightening the situation, as long as he’s standing next to me, I know I’m safe.- Stevie Nicks

One of the things about the comradery was the knowledge of what it’s like to make music together and to collaborate. on something like that. Like put down a tune and everybody work together as a sort of team or a community on this tune. It’s a bond, it’s such a special thing to be able to do. “The creative input of these session guys cannot be overstated. It can’t be overstated. I mean it just can’t be overstated. -James Taylor